about us

We love the simplicity, quality, and taste of food that originates from Japan and is made using Koji - a noble fungus that as a fermentation tool can transform even the most ordinary ingredients into literal taste miracles.

Inspired by this ancient tradition, we make miso pastes, miso soups, tamari, shiokoji, vinegars, and other great things in the Czech Republic from local ingredients to fit in with European cuisine. Both at home and in professional gastronomy.

Milan, Honza, and a team of great people around us.

It all started with studying traditional Chinese medicine, burning out at management positions, and meeting Václav, who was making miso at home. With him, we started a joint project at the end of 2019 with the goal of supplying excellent ingredients to the best restaurants in our country.

The spring of 2020 redirected our efforts, basically out of necessity, to end customers, the e-shop, and the concept of preprepared miso soups. In addition Václav left us unexpectedly and later sold his share. Even though we didn't initially imagine it this way, it was ultimately the best thing that could have happened. We built a team of amazing people, launched new products, got into the awareness of the wider public, and almost couldn't keep up with demand.

In the autumn of 2021, we moved into our own premises and built a new facility in the beautiful surroundings of the Křivoklátsko region so that we could expand our production further. Both in terms of volumes as well as product range, because the most creative experiments and the alchemy of new flavors are the foundation we build on at Kojibakers.

In 2022, restaurants led by Michelin-starred Field returned and more opportunities opened up, including export ones. All of this has meant a significant professionalization of production, including international certifications, which we have managed to achieve while maintaining our core values and approach.

We still enjoy it. More and more, actually.

We still surround ourselves with nice people. Maybe even better ones.

And we still haven't compromised on the quality of our ingredients or our products. Quite the opposite.


first acquaintance with miso (study of Traditional Chinese Medicine), discovery of umami taste

2015 – 2018

experimenting with miso in the kitchen, but we don't like it too much


discovery of home production of koji and miso, study, fascination with the "world of koji"

November 2019

foundation of the Kojibakers brand and production under the company ST Sigma s.r.o.

January 2020

rental of shared premises in Dobřichovice, first products and great response from the gastro segment

spring 2020

covid, lockdown, everything is upside down, we are launching an e-shop

May 2020

moving to the premises in Hořovice

August 2020

one of the founders is leaving us

autumn 2020

first employees and increasing sales, sometimes even explosive growth, experiments with koji and new products

spring 2021

the first mead vinegars have matured

October 2021

moving to our own premises in Otročiněves in Křivoklátsko region

spring 2022

the return of the gastro segment


professionalization of the functioning, Organic, Vegan, Kosher certification, preparations for the IFS


first foreign fairs and export

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